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There are many ways to transfer money overseas. The most frequently used is a bank to bank transfer which if you do it over the internet you do not get charged in most cases, however the rates offered by the banks are not the best available and you could be losing many pounds of your hard earned cash because the banks will give you the bank to bank rate – not the commercial rate which is a far better rate of exchange.


The cheap and easy way to Transfer money overseas for

  • Buying a property abroad
  • Overseas payments
  • Mortgages payments
  • Property maintenance
  • Superior exchange rates offered with no fees and no commission.

We at Indalo Casas have worked very closely with many currency agencies over the years but we have found Currencies Direct to be by far more professional, informative, give the best rates and most importantly offer our clients excellent customer service. For these reasons we do not have any reservations in recommending Currencies Direct to any of our customers because we want our customers to get the best possible deals available and Currencies Direct are very good at achieving this.

Save money and register and apply here  or we can arrange for a Currencies Direct specialist to meet you to discuss your individual needs and formulate a strategy to help your personal finance or business improve its cash flow and increase savings.

Make sure you pay the right price for your home in the sun

One of the last things home-buyers consider when purchasing an overseas property is how they will physically make their payment. And because it’s last minute, they leave it to the banks, who will make a tidy profit from conducting your transfer from GBP to EUR.

You can save money by preparing in advance, and by using a specialist currency firm who will charge you less than the banks – like our partners Currencies Direct. If you are likely to need Euros now or in the future, Currencies Direct can also fix your rate of exchange, thereby protecting your purchase price against currency fluctuations.


Security of funds

Currencies Direct understands that the security of client funds, both corporate and private, is essential, as are the savings made from our more competitive rates of exchange. They have a close relationship with various banks where segregated client accounts are held. Each payment from these client accounts is operated according to guidelines set by The Financial Services Authority (FSA) using dual signatures and chip and pin “smart cards” for payments.


Currency fluctuations effecting your business?

At Currencies Direct they understand that businesses require a foreign currency provider that, not only delivers competitive exchange rates, but also provides a currency strategy relevant to each business. Every business is unique. Every client relationship is unique. At Currencies Direct they build this relationship by working closely with your business to regularly reassess your requirements, not only in the short-term but also in the long-term.

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