Personalized Real Estate Services

We offer you professional services without small print, to meet all your expectations, both for owners who want to sell their home, and for persons who are looking for a property

Our Sales Service

We take high-quality photos and videos of your property, as well as a drone flight to give your property maximum exposure to our extensive sales network and major portals here in Spain and abroad.

We do not ask for exclusivity, but when you give us your home for sale with us you are also giving it to the majority of the good professionals in the area since we collaborate with them in addition to an extensive network abroad.

We manage everything necessary, requirements, energy certification, cadastral corrections if necessary, legalizations, procedures with the town hall, notary, etc. regarding the management of your sale.

Services to the buyer/tenant

We offer you a personal advisor who will accompany you in analyzing the offers, in the visits, in the negotiation with the owner, in the signing of contracts... etc. Discover our real estate offer.

Real Estate Valuations

Professional and rigorous real estate valuation, to really know the value of your property, for sale, for inheritances, for tax payments.

Legalizations and Cadastral Corrections

Documentation and Legalities - Obviously to sell your property your documentation must be correct and updated.

If your property is on urban land, in a town and is a more modern home then it is likely that your documentation will be fine, although, especially if it is an older property, it may or may not need to be updated.

If your property is on rural land, there is a greater possibility that your documentation is not up to date with current legislation. THIS DOES NOT MAKE IT “ILLIGAL”. Generally, it has to do with the cadastre where the boundaries and cadastral surface of the land or house do not coincide with reality, cadastral records are notoriously inaccurate. Having the correct cadastral information and matching reality is now a legal requirement. Sometimes the information in the deeds is inaccurate, sometimes it is in the cadastral, both can be resolved with a corresponding technical report. It is very rare that the "problem" cannot be easily solved but obviously there are costs involved that must be taken into account.

If your property does not have a deed, it is not a problem either, we will solve it.

We can advise you on what is needed and the costs, if any, when we study your existing documentation.