About Us

We are Property Consultants with more than 30 years of experience specializing in private sales, bank properties, court properties, properties direct from promotors and project management.

We have our standard estate agent services where sell properties for private individuals.

We are direct bank agents for many of the Spanish banks we also do “Assisted Sales”, this is a bank property that does not actually belong to the bank yet, but the bank is "assisting" in the sale. This is a service we have been offering for some time where we negotiate the debt with the bank and the owner, and the property is sold for the cost of the eradication of the debt. This means that the bank and the owner are saved the whole time consuming and costly process of repossession and that our clients benefit from the savings of costs.

We also sell properties direct from the courts.

We offer multi property purchase investment packages, negociating with the banks to obtain realy interesting prices,we then turn the propertoies around and put them back on the market for uour clients. 

We offer full project management, architectural and technical and official valuation services as well as full building services.

Our Zentec Design team specialise in the design and construction of modern, minimalistic, superior quality villas.

Given the current situation, unless you live in the area, we cannot do “live” visits but we can organise a “Virtual Visit” showing you the property over a live video feed (Facetime or WhatsApp) using mobile phones. Let us know when you would like to “visit” and we can make arrangements.